Global Outreach: Let’s Meet our Global Experts

Quantana reached with repute and relationships across multiple continents. We are now getting ready for the next phase of our growth profile, which means expanding globally and getting more integrated with our global clients.

In this respect, we wanted to introduce our global advisor: Rohit Goel.

Rohit works as a financial sector expert with the International Monetary Fund and has been a long-term supporter of what we are trying to build at Quantana. He has been an advisor for us and is thus extremely familiar with our value and thought process. Prior to the IMF, Rohit worked as a ranked assistant vice president with Barclays Capital in Asia. His experience is thus very vast ranging from bottom-up company strategy research at Barclays Capital to top-down macro-economic research at International Monetary Fund.

Rohit is one of the top global thinkers and experts on the global financial stability related issues. He is a part of IMF’s market surveillance team and is a core contributor to their flagship Global Financial Stability Report. He has also published extensively across global avenues and journals including the IMF Working Papers, Cato Journal, VOXEU blog, multiple books and so on.

Rohit is one of those rare talents who is strong at both left and right brains. He has done exceptionally well in his career, becoming a close advisor to global governments and policy makers. At the same time, he has a keen understanding of company business models, most appropriate strategies and how to think about business and economic cycles. At Barclays Capital – he used to advise multinational CXOs routinely. Rohit has also worked as an advisor across multiple other start-ups and been an invited speaker and judge across global institutions. All this experience is critical for us.

We are thus very excited that we will have Rohit with us to help guide us through the global economies, as we venture into our expansion process.

He is known to be a very collegial and helpful professional and we are very excited for all of you to interact with him and benefit from his global expertise.

How to stay connected and Organized

How to Stay Connected and Organized During Work From Home

Remote Work: How to Stay Connected and Organized

Learn below mentioned points from this article

  1. How to Keep Your Business Secure with Remote Workers
  2. Remote Workers Precautions
  3. Digital Communication Channels: When and How to Use
  4. Why Your Business Should Use Google Hangouts Meet
  5. Asana and Jira Software to Manage Your Team’s work, Projects, & Tasks online
  6. How Slack Strengthens Your Business
  7. Zeplin: The Perfect Tool for Designer/Developer Collaboration
  8. The Power of Figma as a Design Tool: Design At Scale
  9. Features and Benefits of Skype
  10. Zoom: Key Features and Benefits
  11. GoToMeeting: Major Benefits for Your Business
  12. List of Instant Messaging Apps

How to Stay Connected and Organized During Work From Home

How to Keep Your Business Secure with Remote Workers

  1. Setup guiding principles, internal decision-making team, external benchmarking and support team
  2. Trust your employees that they can do it
  3. Motivate your employees and inspired by them
  4. Ensure your team is aligned on goals
  5. Know who is doing what, and by when
  6. Meet virtually to check in on priorities and progress
  7. Communicate with them often and utilize communication channels to connect 
  8. Set Guidelines for each communication channel that you use.
  9. Keep the team spirit high and it is essential while doing work from home

How to Keep Your Business Secure with Remote Workers

Remote Workers Precautions

  1. Stay calm and build a stress-free zone
  2. Get up; don’t work from bed 
  3. Set up a place ‘not’ to go
  4. Get ready just like you’re going to the workplace
  5. Close the door and have set office hours
  6. Stay connected with your team

Remote Workers Precautions

When you are working from home, staying connected or staying in contact using the right tools to do it in the right channels is much more important and extra challenging. Communication is pretty easy and immediate with these channels.

Digital Communication Channels: When and How to Use

Currently, there are four different ways/methods for digital communication

  1. Video chat/call
  2. Phone call
  3. Instant messages
  4. Email

Digital Communication Channels: When and How to Use

Why Your Business Should Use Google Hangouts Meet

Face to face meetings are the best way to communicate, right?

Staying productive while working remotely is challenging. Google meet will help you to stay productive and connected.

Here are benefits with Google Meet

  1. Plug-ins or specific account types are not needed to join the meeting
  2. Meetings are secure: Audio and video streams are encrypted.
  3. At a time 100,000 viewers are able to connect.
  4. You can able to record the session and can watch at any time
  5. You can share/present your screen to anyone and at multiple devices can be used
  6. You can able to provide meet link for anyone to join the meeting
  7. Even Without the internet people can able to join through a phone in some countries

Why Your Business Should Use Google Hangouts Meet

Asana and Jira Software to Manage Your Team’s work, Projects, & Tasks online

Jira and asana are flexible issue tracking tools, which will help the team to plan, track, manage, report and release.

There are different versions of Jira depending on needs and for asana as well. You can choose the default workflow or else you can make your own.

Default workflow:

  1. Open
  2. Inprogress 
  3. Under review
  4. Final approval
  5. Done

Asana and Jira will allow the user to create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your team. Prioritize and discuss your team’s work. Anyone in the team is able to check the status of the task.

Asana and Jira Software to Manage Your Team's work, Projects, & Tasks online

Benefits of Asana and Jira Software

  1. Free to use: we can use this tool for free
  2. Beneficial for better visibility: The development and testing teams can communicate effectively with Jira and Asana. All members of the team are able to know when a task is starting and when it was finished.
  3. You can track time: using this tool you can track the time
  4. Better prioritization: we can manage the tasks easily using these tools. We can prioritize every task properly which helps to complete the tasks faster and accurately.
  5. Reports generation: We can download whole information regarding tasks like assignee, reporter, etc. and also for the future purpose we can download the reports based on tasks and time spent on the particular task.

It can be used by business teams, software developers, helpdesk agents, customers, HR teams, etc. it is useful for everyone.

task assignment channels

How Slack Strengthens Your Business

Slack can replace instant messaging, email, text messaging and it’s like meeting space, bulletin board, and phone-tree for your whole organizing team. It can be used to communicate both as a group and in personal one-on-one discussions.

It’s a great tool to coordinate and collaborate, and a fun place to get to know your fellow organizers and activists. Communication is easy with this and it is flexible and approachable. Slack contains both desktop and mobile versions and you can share documents and files with some or all of your teammates (written, image, video).

Cons of Slack

It offers a free version with limited features. After a few days, the data will be lost in the free version.

How Slack Strengthens Your Business

Zeplin: The Perfect Tool for Designer/Developer Collaboration

Zeplin is mainly a collaboration tool for UI designers and front end developers.

It creates smoother collaboration around design artifacts. Via Sketch plugin, you can quickly export your artboards or wireframes or visual designs to Zeplin and you can also export code snippets in HTML, CSS, React Native, and other languages.

Benefits with Zeplin

  1. Saves time and money
  2. Easy to grab specifications
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Good collaboration tool
  5. Helps to maintain consistent styles

Cons of Zeplin

The designer needs to maintain one more tool and It’s an additional step in the process to export and organize your artboards.

Zeplin: The Perfect Tool for Designer/Developer Collaboration

The Power of Figma as a Design Tool: Design At Scale

Figma makes it easier for web design. It contains a modern pen tool and instant arc design. By using vector networks you can draw in any direction, you can design pie charts, watch screens, design clocks using the arc tool, and it has advanced font features to fully express your brand.

Benefits of Figma

  1. You can invite unlimited viewers or colleagues
  2. You can easily export the exact assets in your required formats
  3. Any teammate can grab snippets of generated code for iOS, Android, and CSS
  4. Using this you can design flexible styles and in Figma, you can easily access libraries just with a simple drag and drop.
  5. You can automate and magnify your work with plugins. These plugins will be available for everything like stock imagery, color accessibility, icons, charts, flow diagrams, etc.
  6. Developers can collect design layout’s padding, spacing, and direction directly into code

The Power of Figma as a Design Tool: Design At Scale

Features and Benefits of Skype

  1. Experience crystal clear audio and HD video calling
  2. Enhances productivity and communication
  3. Connect from anywhere and stay connected with your family, friends, and  colleagues
  4. Share files, photos, and videos up to 300MB with simple drag and drop.
  5. Make free Skype to Skype calling for up to 50 people (you plus 49)
  6. Easily share presentations, holiday photos or anything by simply sharing your desktop or mobile screen.
  7. Keep your sensitive information or personal chat private.
  8. High-Level security authentication
  9. Instantly react to any message with funny reactions or you can use @mentions.
  10. Record calls and can use live subtitles to read the words that are spoken.
  11. Reach the people who are not online.
  12. A single platform to hold video calls, chat, and host meetings or webinars.

Cons of Skype

  1. Skype has technical issues that prevent it from reaching its full potential.
  2. It freezes up a lot and causes disturbances in the video and sometimes we need to end the call and call again for better communication.
  3. According to users, it’s difficult to get help or support with Skype

Features and Benefits of Skype

Zoom: Key Features and Benefits

  1. In-depth support, phone support, FAQs, help articles, such as live help, online chat, and video tutorials.
  2. A single platform to hold video calls, chat, and host meetings or webinars.
  3. During a call, you can share screen easily
  4. Access meeting analytics like top users by meeting minutes
  5. Contains recording feature to save and document your sessions.

Cons of Zoom

  1. Expensive for larger teams
  2. Sometimes at the time of meeting the chat features are not available
  3. Based on some feedback, it is the poor, unpredictable video quality and it’s often blurry and pixelated.

Zoom: Key Features and Benefits

GoToMeeting: Major Benefits for Your Business

  1. It’s a great way to get started with quick and easy online meetings with the free plan.
  2. You can collaborate with your friends or colleagues with high-quality screen sharing, webcams, VoIP audio and chat messaging in one session.
  3. App installation or download is not required.
  4. GoToMeeting contains end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, so completely private and secure.
  5. It offers robust and easy-to-use screen sharing functionality.

GoToMeeting: Major Benefits for Your Business

List of Instant Messaging Apps

Google Hangouts Chat, Facebook Workplace, Skype for Business, Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Flowdock, Stride, Basecamp 3, Mattermost, Hive, Crugo, Chanty, Jandi, Amazon Chime, Hubgets, Rocket Chat Troop Messenger, Chatwork, Flock, Cisco Webex Teams, Zoho Cliq, Twist, ProofHub, Missive, Spike, Moxtra, Blizz, HighSide,  HiBox, Whatsapp and Telegram.

Best team chat apps are Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, Twist, Flock, Discord, ChatWork, Cisco Webex Teams, Mattermost, Ryver, Zoho Cliq, and RingCentral Glip. 

List of Instant Messaging Apps

We hope you learnt some new tools, ideas and ways of looking at remote work for your business. If you have any comments or other ideas, leave a comment below. Have a great day

Thanks from Quantana

Views expressed are based on our experience and solely our own. We do not endorse any of the tools listed in this article.

how to stay happy

How to Stay Happy During a Quarantine

Due to coronavirus lockdowns and quarantine, we all are craving human contact in ways that we never experienced before, especially the ones who stay alone.

Do you feel like, even News, Netflix, social media, and endless memes are no longer cutting your loneliness?

Here we share some tips to put your loneliness at a bay and to stay happy. First and foremost do the below mentioned two things.

Most of the people due to busy schedules towards your work, you were not able to spend time with your family and you weren’t able to talk with your relatives. Now you got the chance to do all these things. Most importantly you are able to spend some time with yourself and try to utilize this opportunity. Understand what you want to do. List out all your favorite things that you wanted to and want to do. After some time everything will go back to normal and we get back those busy schedules.


Find Your Strengths

different types of emotions

  • Gratitude
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Forgiveness
  • Love of learning
  • Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
  • Self-Regulation
  • Kindness
  • Curiosity
  • Humor
  • Empathy
  • Social intelligence
  • Hope
  • Bravery
  • Creativity
  • Judgment
  • Perseverance
  • Prudence
  • Zest

quarantine time


Use Your Strengths To Boost Your Happiness

think positively

Try to use your selected strength in a new way to boost your happiness.

For example,

  • If Love of learning or curiosity is one of your strengths, enroll in free online courses or watch videos on a topic you know nothing about.
  • If kindness is your strength, do a favor to someone. 
  • If humor is your strength, create some funny memes, videos, stories or watch some funny movies, etc.

There are endless activities to do, utilize this time to use your strengths at least once per day.


Find Your Weakness


  • Fear
  • Disappointment
  • Uncertainty
  • Loneliness
  • Poor sleep
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Pessimism


Find out Sources of Negativity

negative thoughts

What are the top 3 sources of negativity?

It could be people, websites, news, magazines, podcasts, music and so on.

Ask yourself questions that will help you to feel better but also to learn so you can grow and note down the answers.

  • What’s one good thing about this situation or quarantine?
  • What I can learn from this?

Talk about the situation or your thoughts over with someone close to you whether it may be a friend or family member. Find some solutions or tips from them and get some positive information or conversation flowing into your mind. Start tomorrow in a way that sets a positive tone for your day and replace the negativity with positive vibes in your surroundings. Explain positives about this situation with them, try to help, especially take care of elders and be grateful for a few of the things you may often take for granted.


Sleep Better at Night

Sleep Better at Night

One of the reasons behind your unhappiness in modern life is poor sleep. Some researches show that poor sleep can affect you very badly and it can improve your mood more than we often expect. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep for at least four nights of the next week to improve your mood. sleep will make you look or feel better physically and mentally.

No devices or phone before bed and avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and nicotine can keep you awake past your bedtime. Alcohol effect eventually may disrupt your rest later in the night though initially, it may make you feel sleepy. Stay away from stimulants before sleep and make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep.

7 to 8 hours of sleep will reduce the risk for adverse health conditions, helps to retain memory, boosts the immune system, manages hunger levels, and manages weight loss.


Start Exercising and Stick to It

Start Exercising and Stick to It

Research suggests that at least 30 minutes a day of exercise can boost your mood and makes your body healthier. You don’t need a bunch of expensive workout equipment to get good exercise, you can do with equipment as well. Staying physically active is essential to a long, healthy, productive life, reduces stress levels, and your brain function improves instantly.

It promotes good health and sleeps as well. There are many free resources, videos and apps are available on the internet.


Incredible Health & Mental Benefits of Meditation

Incredible Health & Mental Benefits of Meditation

Research shows that meditation can have several positive benefits, relieves from overall stress including, improves blood circulation, increased concentration, more positive moods, and more feelings of social connection and it’s a practice of turning your attention away from distracting thoughts intentionally. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed while you’re meditating. 

If you are new to meditation, there are many sources available to check on the internet.

  • Awaken higher levels of your creativity and potential and gives you added energy
  • Remove unwanted negative toxins and unnecessary thoughts in your mind
  • Practice it daily to become less tense, less stressed, and happier.
  • Eliminates fear, anxiety, anger, etc.
  • Improve your concentration level
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Makes you feel energized and rejuvenated


Tips to Savoring the Good Things in Life

Tips to Savoring the Good Things in Life

Savoring magnifies and lengthens the positive emotions or feelings that come with doing something you love. It could be a nice shower, learning new things, a delicious meal, gardening, a great walk outside, playing a game, or any experience that you enjoy.

Practice some common techniques that enhance savoring.

  • Share your experience or good feelings with other people
  • Think about how lucky you are to enjoy such a wonderful moment
  • Count your blessings and give thanks to them.
  • Avoiding negative thinking and replace it with positive thinking
  • Get absorbed at the moment and try to turn off your conscious or rational thoughts.
  • Compare your outcome or good experiences with something worse and it makes our present situation seem better.
  • Sharpen your sensory perceptions or use them more consciously
  • Congratulate yourself and take credit for your hard work
  • Take a souvenir or mental photograph of that activity


Make A Social Connection

make a social connection

Studies or researches show that the simple act of talking to a stranger on the street can boost our mood more than we expect. If you are missing your colleagues, friends, girlfriends, or other family members try to utilize social media networks. You can do instant messages, emails, and video calls. Try to find out new varieties of communications. Be innovative and share it with your friends.

There is n number of channels available on the internet like slack, zoom, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, Pinterest, Quora,…etc.


Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Perform acts of kindness beyond what you normally do and it should be something that helps or impacts another person. 

For example, help your family members, help your colleague with something, give a few dollars or some time to a cause you believe in, say something kind to a stranger, donate some money for the poor people, write a thank you note or gratitude message, give blood, etc.


Write a Gratitude Letter/Message to Someone You Care About

Write a Gratitude Letter/Message to Someone You Care About

Think of a person who has made a big difference or changes in your life, but whom you never properly thanked.

Write a heartfelt message/letter of gratitude to that person explaining how he or she has touched your life and why he or she is meaningful to you. It is one of the most powerful tools for increasing your and other’s happiness because it can establish social bonds and change someone’s life.


Self-isolation or Quarantine Opportunities

Self-isolation or Quarantine Opportunities

  • To spend quality time with family
  • To explore new learnings and creativities
  • To find new ways of communication with loved ones (slack, telegram, zoom, google meet, etc.)
  • To have time to explore and develop my creative sides
  • To have time to focus on personal well-being (Yoga, Exercise, meditation, introspection, reflection, etc)
  • To show gratitude towards your loved ones
  • To find out how blessed you are.
  • To experiment or learn new varieties of food
  • To have time to write about your experience or books

If all the information everywhere, you see sickness, desperation, deaths, and economic crisis in all media, conversations, ads, social media making you anxious then try to stop watching those and find out other ways which make you happy.

thank you message

Precautions which you need to take care during Coronavirus outbreak


quantana precautions

Please follow these precautions to keep yourself protected from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Wash your hands thoroughly even under your nail ridges as well with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub, rub them till your elbow for 20 seconds.

When to Wash/ Sanitize hands

  • After sneezing or coughing
  • Before and after taking care/ treating of the sick person
  • Before consuming food
  • After playing/touching animals 
  • When you back to indoors (home)
  • Visibly hands feel dirty
  • Before and after food preparation
  • Before and After treating a cut wound 
  • After toilet/washroom usage
  • After handling animal waste 
  • After doing works like mobbing, floor cleaning, etc.

when to wash hands

  • Keep a reminder to wash hands frequently to stay safe
  • Avoid shaking hands, high fives, and hugging while socializing. Find alternatives for it like namaste, the wave, foot shake/tap, fist bump, thumbs up, etc.
  • If you can’t break face touching habits, then identify your triggers (pimples, acne, etc) to break the habit.
  • Do not touch eyes, nose, and mouth without washing/sanitizing hands.

how to sanitize hands

  • If you feel sick, wear masks to protect others from getting infected.
  • Avoid outside foods and junk foods
  • Avoid close contact with anyone if you see cold or flu-like symptoms. In general maintaining, at least 3 feet distance will be good and safe.
  • Avoid eating raw meat or eggs. Cook meat and eggs thoroughly. Take more nutritious food on time and load it up with plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Ensure that your home and surrounding area is cleaned with antiseptic lotions frequently.

clean your surrounding properly

  • Try to avoid going outside in crowded places or public places.
  • When you are coughing and sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue and throw it into the dustbin immediately after using it. If tissue is not available for then use the flexed elbow.
  • Better to avoid unprotected contact with form or live wild animals.
  • If you see symptoms like running nose, sore throat, fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing (severe cases), etc. consult a doctor or seek medical care and wear a mask to protect others.

  • Coronavirus does survive less the hotter it gets, but this isn’t proven. 
  • By believing rumors like staying under the sun can protect from coronavirus, forget about coronavirus spreading if you stay under the sun you will be affected with sunstroke or sunburn. Your skin will be affected by suntan. 
  • If you are sharing anything with another person like a snack bowl then there will be always a possibility of transmission.
  • Avoid spitting in the public.
  • Do exercises to build resistance power and to become fit.

quantana tips to avoid coronavirus


Please follow the below-mentioned sites for the latest updates on Coronavirus