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The Problem 

With the Fourth  Industrial Revolution underway, businesses are required to be willing to accept technological reforms and tools to aid in the increase of competency and productivity. Despite this, it was noticed that an extensive part of the Mining Industry still lags behind other industries in optimised digital usage, and when businesses do start introspecting the use of digital systems, cybersecurity is often overlooked. 

Confidential data shared via multiple channels and saved on personal devices can pose a threat to companies. It becomes challenging to keep track of data movement through the organisation. Limited storage increases the threat as employees resort to using insecure storage spaces. 

Installation-based systems that have been commonly used, are outdated in their approach and cumbersome to manage and update. This results in delays in daily operations as well as in security threats. 

There was, therefore, a need for a solution that could help tenement managers streamline their work to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency in the workplace.

The Goal

PX4 Software aimed to serve as the technological bridge for the mining and exploration industry to be able to successfully integrate a more economical, profitable, and conducive way of working. Through its product, it would provide businesses with a tool to automate their major operational processes to convert their business into a tech-savvy, future-proof enterprise, that is equipped to take on current, expected, as well as unprecedented challenges with ease.

A Modern and Intuitive Solution 

Our development team works closely with the client on specific modules and seamlessly integrates feedback, suggestions, new ideas, and new functionalities into the software. Constant updates are made to the software to ensure that it is and continues to be a flawless tool for its users. 

The team at Quantana used its knowledge and skill to develop a product that met all the requirements outlined by the PX4 team. The live product features an elegant console to view data, efficient functionality to manage and track data and tasks, intuitive reminders, insightful reports, and an overall ease of usage. PX4 Resources is a scalable product that is proven to deliver cost savings of up to 35%, while also saving time and increasing productivity. 

PX4 Resources is a next-generation Tenement Management Software. It is an intuitive platform that strategically, efficiently, and effectively streamlines your tenement management, allowing you to focus on business-transforming projects.

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