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The Problem 

A product as indulgent as the Art of Blend beverage powders deserved to be displayed on a website that highlighted every aspect of each product. However, this entire product range was almost unseen amongst other brands and products on the client’s main website. It was time this brand got its own space to shine, with each of its products under the spotlight.

Art of Blend

Owing to its premium nature, the Art of Blend product range needed a website that exuded class. The structure, design, and functionality of the website would need to hero every product featured. The UI of the site would need to be clean and easy to navigate, seamlessly redirecting customers to their Shopify site where they could then purchase their desired product.

The Solution

Our team of UI/UX Designers and Web Developers came together to create a design that was both elegant and easy to use while having all the functionality requested by the client. The finished website is a visual delight, a gallery of sorts bringing every product to life. The irresistible imagery does the trick of keeping the customer engaged throughout their browsing journey.

Art of Blend manufactures a range of premium beverage powders uniquely crafted for artisan drink enthusiasts and makers of bespoke refreshments. Their product range caters to wholesale and retail markets alike and is distributed across the world.

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