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The Problem

Despite being a market leader in the baked goods industry, Wildbreads’ digital presence was limited to a trickle of social media posts, occasion bassed emailers and Google reviews as old as the hills. Their high-quality products were masked behind inexperienced design and insufficient marketing. The well-established brand did not stand out to its audience and struggled to make a mark in the minds of both existing and prospective customers.

The Goal

When a food brand promotes a product, audiences expect to see images that make you drool, presented in a way that urges you to place that order right away. Wildbreads’ goal was to reach its target audience hidden away in postcodes across Australia, and introduce them to delectable delights that are baked fresh daily. This would only be possible with a strong brand presence and visibility of their product.

The Solution

Our Digital Marketing and Design team at Quantana, used its skill, knowledge, and love for food to come up with a strategy that would bring about an evident increase in digital traffic, leading to a subsequent rise in orders. We did this by first working on the brand identity, using the stunning product photos to the best of their advantage, to create visual content that truly stood out. Once that was established, a content plan ensured that these visuals were out there for the world to see. The last step of the ladder was running geographical targeting campaigns that tested postcodes for interest, preference, and value, thus establishing a customer base across desired areas. We continue to work on new ideas and strategies to ensure that Wildbreads’ mouth-watering products are within reach of customers near and far.

Wildbreads is an Australian speciality wholesale bakery producing high-quality baked goods using age-old bread recipes. They operate a world-class baking facility committed to excellence in baking to deliver quality and consistency across an entire range of artisan bread products.

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