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Short Tech Bytes for Smart Business Leaders

Welcome to Quantana Tech Bytes – your best resource for short, impactful tech news for Business Leaders.

Why Quantana Tech Bytes?


Technology changes almost hourly these days, with so many new updates coming in, and much of that is just noise. I enjoy digging through all that noise and distilling it down to things that are actually actionable. I looked for something that did this efficiently, but found nothing – everything was either too technical or too much text to read through.

And thus was born Quantana Tech Bytes – QTB. By focusing on the news and the takeaways, QTB keeps things short, sweet and actually useful.

About me


I’m Vishal Kumar, based in Brisbane, Australia. I consume over 300 tech articles every day to keep myself informed. Combined that with a keen insight on how technology can help others, I take it as a personal challenge to be able to condense and simplify things so that everyone can learn.

I hope you find QTB as useful as I enjoy writing it up. Do let me know if you have any other ideas or things you would like to see.

Also, if you need any help with creating an app, or advice on technology strategy, do let me know. I’m always happy to help.

Stay Awesome!

Vishal Kumar
CEO, Quantana Pty Ltd

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